Stewart Villain (PDX) and Team Backpack release new beat tape titled ‘Joints’

April 24, 2015
Portland based producer Stewart Villain and Team Backpack just released a new dope beat/remix tape titled Joints. This mixtape features a smoked out mix of beats and remixes that fits perfectly into a smoker’s instrumental playlist. Stewart has been cooking up the finest yams for Northwest artists and even some major artist over the past few years. We look forward to seeing the young homie grow more and more!...


HANiF drops new album, talks meeting Kanye, and more!

March 31, 2015
HANiF drops new album with 5th Sequence for the 12 Inch Vinyls EP that was released about a month ago. I am super late on this one (bloggers have been dropping like flies around here and your boy has been BUSY with extra capital letters). The boom bap’ish tape features some solid lyricism from Luck HANiF, some dope beats from 5th, and the usual humor from Luck (See Gentrify music...