Donte Peace

February 27, 2015
Donte Peace comes from the greater Northwest City of Seattle, Washington. Being a fairly new face to this region, he is in the process of becoming one of the new favorites to the underground hip-hop scene. Rocking stages from all over the West Coast, Northwest, and Midwest, he seems to be creating a powerful impact on vintage hip-hop lovers. With features...


Raz Simone – Cognitive Dissonance Part II Review

February 4, 2015
Raz Simone finished his Cognitive Dissonance release with the final product! The time has come to grab the whole project for free at Raz Simone's website. Raz did an interesting marketing strategy by releasing one track from the project a week to build some hype for the follow up to his 2014 Cognitive Dissonance Part I....