2015 Review Of The PNW Newbie Guide

2015 was by far one of my favorite years. I accomplished so much and had some really great experiences. My hope is that in sharing these with you, you may find one that you want to try next year.

Don’t ever pass up the chance to do something different and out of your comfort zone.

While the following events were great, they were nothing without the amazing people I got to spend them with.


What is it: A two-day music festival at the Gorge in Washington put on by USC Events and Live Nation.

Why I liked it: The production, music, vibes, camping, live art, and meet n greets always exceed my expectations and somehow manage to make me forget about the 100+ degree weather, long lines and massive hills.

Why you should go: This is the ideal setting to bond with a group of friends, enjoy music at a level that you can feel and find some new music.Paradiso 2015

Mt. Pilchuck

What is it: A 1.5 mile hiking trail located near Granite Falls.

Why I liked it: The elevation was tough to adjust to and there was some literal rock climbing but I really enjoyed the challenge. It was pretty foggy but it made it feel like I was climbing into the clouds.

Why you should go: The lookout at the top was the best and that was on a cloudy day. You can also sleep up there.Mt Pilchuck


What is it: A Barvarian town in north central Washington.

Why I liked it: It was my first time going and seeing the town covered in Christmas lights and snow was breathtaking. I also got to ride on a horse drawn carriage and despite waiting over an hour in the cold it was my favorite thing of the trip.

Why you should go: If you like beer, pretzels, bratsLeavenworth

Wallace Falls

What is it: A hiking trail on the west side of the Cascades.

Why I liked it: The hike was somewhat of a challenge and I didn’t even make it to the top! The trail kind of followed a river which also offered beautiful views. Although I didn’t have time to get to the top, the first fall I saw was everything I could have hoped for.

Why you should go: There are 3 different falls that you can see and the trail is well kept.wallace falls

Canterbury Ale House

What is it: A medieval themed restaurant in Capitol Hill.

Why I liked it: The food was really good and the staff was even better. I went with my mother’s alumni association and the waiter would even come cheer with us. They were so happy with the business from the association the last day they hooked it up with some discounts.

Why you should go: For the cheese curds…but really.Cheese curds

Nana’s Kitchen

What is it: A second-generation Mexican Restaurant in Queen Anne.

Why I liked it: You can tell the family really focused on not only their menu but the decor of the place. You truly feel like you are in Mexico and the wall decorations literally pop out at you.

Why you should go: For the food obviously but also for the aroma and authentic feel.Nana's kitchen

Safe in Sound – Denver/Seattle

What is it: A touring bass music festival that showcases the incredible PK Sound System.

Why I liked it: I am a basshead and Safe in Sound manages to always tour with my favorite artists. Seeing this show in two cities was nothing short of amazing and I am so thankful. Seeing such large groups of people all wanting to enjoy my favorite music is euphoric.

Why you should go: With a 150,000 watts of bass this is a music festival you don’t need drugs to feel. Plus the crowd’s vibes are unlike anything else.Safe in Sound


What is it: A 2-day Halloween themed music festival hosted by USC Events.

Why I liked it: I first fell in love with FreakNight in 2014 (yes you read that right). USC always does a great job of putting the bassheads in the corner and that worked out in our favor this year. I also got to meet some of my favorite artists so I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Why you should go: FreakNight is so much more than music, it’s about the production. USC does a great job of making it interactive and visually engaging.FreakNight


What is it: A city in British Columbia.

Why I liked it: The food alone was enough for me to want to go back but that wasn’t even the best part. There is so much history at your fingertips and so many old historic buildings.

Why you should go: It’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from Seattle which makes for an easy journey. I would recommend going in the summer though.Victoria

The Ferris Wheel

What is it: It is a giant Ferris wheel at Pier 57 in Seattle, with an overall height of 175 feet

Why I liked it: You ride in enclosed “baskets” that have vents in them and as you come down the right side of the wheel it feels like you’re getting dropped in the ocean.

Why you should go: It is a fairly cheap date and provides a good view of the city/ocean. The wheel also lights up at night.The great seattle wheel