4.20 is the ultimate holiday for every true weed smoker across the country and with less than a day to go, it’s time to stock up and prepare for this year’s festivities.

Thanks to my friends at Diego Pellicer and Have a Heart, RMR is able to share recommendations from real budtenders working at two of the top cannabis shops in Washington state.

If you truly want to celebrate this year, treat yourself right and pick something we suggest below.

Top Strains You Should Consider on 4.20 | Diego Pellicer

One of Diego’s most experienced liaisons is Jordan Zenisek, a 26-year-old who recently moved back to the Seattle area after managing two shops in Pullman and Spokane. I recently asked what strains her and the rest of the Diego Pellicer team will be smoking on for 4.20 and am excited to share their selections below.

  • Candyland – Solstice
  • Chernobyl Lime – Gold Leaf Gardens
  • Chocolate Thai – Treehawk Farms
  • Cinex – Golden Tree Productions
  • Dutch Treat – Treehawk Farms or Western Cultured
  • G-Cut – Seattle’s Private Reserve
  • Gorilla Glue IV – Gold Leaf Gardens
  • Island Breeze – Western Cultured
  • Lemon OG – Treehawk Farms
  • Purple Punch – Gold Leaf Gardens
  • Three Kings – House of Cultivar
  • 707 Headband – Topp Nugg
  • San Fernando Valley OG Kush – House of Cultivar
  • Sour Tsunami (CBD) – Leaph
Do you agree that these strains should be included in your 4.20 celebrations? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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