Independence Day is here! Time to BBQ and blow shit up, as is tradition. Beers and burgers will be devoured by the millions all across the land, while fireworks explode throughout the entire American skyline. Washington citizens are among the privileged few that will extend our celebration of independence by celebrating with legally grown cannabis.

Here are RMR’s recommendations for 4th of July strains, whether you’re celebrating by yourself or going out with friends.


This strain is an Indica-dominant Hybrid. Biscotti’s genetics consist of Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato 45, and  Gorilla Glue 4. The sweet scent and smooth buttery taste pairs perfectly with an evening iced coffee, as you get ready to watch the fireworks. Don’t worry about being chair locked because it’s an Indica, this strain has uplifting qualities like a Sativa to keep you engaged in the festivities.

4th of July Strains

Biscotti by Royal Tree Gardens

Banana OG

Another Indica-dominant hybrid, but this one feels like an INDICA. Banana OG’s genetics are a cross of OG Kush and Banana. This strain is tropical, sweet and earth. Ripping this out of the bong left a nice warm burn in the back of my throat, like I just took a shot of whiskey. It’s the perfect night cap after a loud and hectic 4th of July celebration, TreeHawk’s Banana OG will have you laced in the Lazy Boy, ready to relax and recover for work tomorrow, it’s only Tuesday after all.

4th of July strainsSuper Lemon Haze

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has genetics of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It smells tangy, sour and slightly bitter, but tastes light and refreshing. Pair it with a lemon drop or for that perfect afternoon buzz. This is the strain to wake n’ bake with if you have the day off, or twist up with during the BBQ. It’s superb for staying active and creative. Super Lemon Haze would be good for holiday activities like cooking, baking,  volley ball, or just being quick with the “come-backs”, when you’re friends are roasting you.

4th of July strains

Alien Rock Candy

This Hybrid is a sweet and citrusy Indica-dominant hybrid. A cross between Sour Dubble and Alien Tahoe, this strain pairs best with a swisher sweet or your favorite wrap. It breaks up nice and a little goes a long way. I rolled up a perfect blunt with a single gram. Twist up, sit back, and enjoy the fireworks.
4th of July strainsCandyland

RMR reviewed this strain and called it “a Sativa made for Summer.” Bred from Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, this strain smells like candy, tastes sweet and is smooth on the exhale. Pair this with after lunch bomb pops and stay mentally sharp to stay safe during the fireworks display.

4th of July strains

Candyland by Sweet Water Farms

Black Cherry Soda

This strain makes a great pair with your favorite carbonated beverage. Maybe a Happy Apple? This is a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch and a strong head high. This is the strain you smoke to zone in for backyard volleyball, wake boarding or an intense game of horseshoes.

4th of July Strains

Black Cherry Soda by Royal Tree Gardens

Remember, to be safe and enjoy all of your cannabis safely and responsibly. For more information and recommendations on strains to smoke this Independance Day, visit this article’6 Cannabis Strains to Help You Celebrate the 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day from the RMR Squad!


4th of July strains