The 5 Marijuana Brands You Need To Try This 420

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When you put a bunch of weed in front of a stoner, it always brings out that “kid in the candy shop feel.” The popularity of our once quiet  “stoner holiday,” has become more commercialized than ever.

With the rise of awareness across the nation, cannabis usage has become more common and accepting. Users in most of the country still have to meet up with a level of privacy. In Washington State, 420 is treated like Black Friday.

Our favorite pot shops in the area have massive sales so you can stock up for the future. This holiday is becoming more and more popular and there are so many brands, it’s almost overwhelming.

While you’re out shopping for cannabis this 420 and you see any of the following brands, know that Respect My Region backs all these craft cannabis companies.

The Top 5 Marijuana Brands To Try This 420

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