On Saturday, March 18th, Tacoma’s Decent at Best and Seattle’s All Star Opera will be performing at A Night at 2312 alongside Calico – DJ.

Guests will be able to see VJ artist, Annisa Amalia, as well as Connie Fu and Noah Neighbor, who will be displaying their artwork on the gallery walls. Come out with your current friends and make some new friends together at A Night at 2312.

Your Future Friends strives to transcend mediums & communities through art. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments or on Twitter @ResepectMyRegion.

A Night at 2312 – Your Future Friend

your future friends present a night at 2312Proceeds go to the ACLU | RSVP Required
$10 Dry – $25 Wet | 3 drinks included
Provided by Papa Bueno Tequila

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