Keeping it all the way “one hunnid”, Seattle’s Adam Nystrom puts his foot on the gas with his newest single “Dash”! Just a few weeks after dropping his sweet, summertime concoction “Margarita”, Adam is definitely on a wave this summer as he continues to keep the vibes light and bubbly on his latest offering. Navigating between bars that update us on the life of a young, buzzing artist and crooning a super catchy hook about keeping it real, Adam skillfully displays his full array of talents, effortlessly switching between his two styles of delivery.

Also important to note, this record is Northwest to the core. Fellow Seattle native Qreepz is behind the laid-back production which he masterfully blends with Adam’s playful lyrics to capture that feeling of cruising around a sunny Seattle with a rack of Rainier on deck, ready to have a lake day or sunset kick-back. Adam and his collective DFTN are having quite the summer with all these fire releases, so keep your eyes open for more out of them and be sure to add “Dash” to your rotation to strengthen your summer playlist!

Adam Nystrom – Dash

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