If you haven’t heard the new Al-One album, “Shallow Al”, (dropped on 4/20), you are a step behind the game.  When asked, the Sandpeople artist, Al-One, was quick to tell me, “‘Shallow Al’ is a seven song EP that, true to its title, finds [Al-One] waxing not so philosophically over such topics as voracious female fans, strains of weed, and designer fragrances.  Barely scratching the surface has never sounded so good.”  This album is all fun and games, perfect summer music as we get ready to kick back and enjoy the sunny Northwest.  Personal favorite tracks from this album include, “It’s Sum Thangs” and “Money Maker” (ft. Rocket One), but the track that blew me away was definitely “U Already Know”.  Over a sick beat, this is one to check out.  This isn’t an EP of seven songs that each mimic’s the one before, but instead, every track is individual and tells a different, shallow story.


You can purchase “Shallow Al” HERE.