It seems like just yesterday that Bassnectar released his last album. It is hard for me to believe that it was exactly a year ago. It seemed too soon for another one and was a very pleasant surprise when I saw that the Bay Area native was releasing his ‘Reflective’ EP.

Artwork for Bassnectar’s “Reflective”

Reflective features many sounds Bassnectar is known for, in addition to new experimental sounds. One thing I like about him is that he is very flexible when it comes to genres, and he uses a very broad spectrum of sounds and instruments. This EP features many artists that have worked with him in the past, including Gnar Gnar, Dorfex Bos, G Jones, and Seattle’s very own Macntaj.

‘Reflective’ – Bassnectar

The first song is an electronic symphony of euphoria that slowly transitions into a melodic hip hop masterpiece. “Arps Of Revoluci├│n” is an excellent start to the EP.

Lorin then teamed up with Gnar Gnar for one of the heavier tracks on the album. The synths compliment Born I Music’s rapped lyrics featured throughout the song. “I’m Up” is definitely a track to remember.

“Was Will Be” sounds like a soundtrack to an adventure movie. I already put it on my driving playlist. Mimi Page’s vocals blend perfectly through the whole track. Bassnectar can make bangers for days, but he really shows his producing skills whenever he makes a track like this.

“Infrared” is about to become the newest Pacific Northwest anthem. Macntaj’s lyrical skills have been recognized by many big name artists, especially recently. He was featured on a track with Hydraulix and Oski not too long ago, their track “Lose It”was released on Quality Goods Records. Bassnectar made a great choice when he chose Macntaj to be featured on this track.

Bassnectar’s protege, G Jones took it upon himself to make a mess out of this track. It’s a given that these two create great music together. With that said, I’m still thoroughly impressed with “Underground”. This is undoubtedly the lead track on this EP.

Last but not least, we have Dorfex Bos and Bassnectar creating a distorted symphony with unexpected sharp left and right turns. It sounds like they remixed the boss level track from an old 80’s video game.

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