Bernieman 2016 is a new track from Korgy & Bass, a Portland based hip hop duo with some sick sampling skills. The duo consists of Barra Brown on the drums, Roland SPD-S, and Micro-korg with Alex Meltzer on the Roland 404 Sampler, and bass.

“Bernieman 2016” takes a much different direction from previous tracks but really displays the duo’s talent. After checking out only one Korgy & Bass track prior to Bernieman, we are definitely fans.

Check out Bernieman 2016 below and comment with your thoughts!

Bernieman 2016 showcased their ability to create a different sound previous releases and did an excellent job of mixing Bernie Sanders samples over an addicting bassline.

Korgy & Bass have an upcoming release party on June 22nd with Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis to celebrate their digital 45 release on Cavity Search Records (Official).

Korgy & Bass
The official release is set to follow on June 24th.  Get more info and RSVP here.