Our December edition of Best Of NorthWest features 10 of the dopest local dance music artists and highlights some of our favorite tracks or mixes from each artist. As always, keep in mind that we are creating this list with the intent to support the entire PNW dance music community.

The DJs and producers who play at local northwest venues play a pivotal role in providing us music fans with fresh beats and good vibes. We hope you enjoy the music we’ve put together for this month and please contact us if you’re a local artist looking for some exposure! – The RMR Family

Best Of NorthWest (11/15 – 12/15)

1: Astral Twinns delivers a brand new progressive trance and house EP with intense build ups that leave you wanting more. You will find yourself moving and bouncing to their upbeat melody and their style reminds me of my favorite trance duo Cosmic Gate. This is a refreshing change from the Bass/Trap norm most PNW artists play.

Support their new EP by purchasing on Beatport here: – Brittanie

2: Mamm0th is an upcoming artist out of the Pacific Northwest that knows no boundaries. Producing whatever comes to him, his soundcloud is only a glimpse into his diverse sound. The melody in this track really ties it all together and is instrumental in the listener’s journey. Things really get good around 3:30. – Lauren B.

3: BL3R jumps up one spot on our list this month because… well they’re just freakin’ awesome. The duo releases music quite often, it’s always high quality, AND it almost always slaps my face off. Their festival remix of Eptic’s ‘Gun Finga’ is absolutely insane and is guaranteed to have any crowd going nuts. Turn this $hit up and jam out. – Joey B.

4: Justin Hartinger showcases his diverse production capabilities with a dope collaboration with Buygore’s LEViTATE. ‘Follow Me’ is worth at least a couple listens and one appearance out at Q Nightclub if you’ve never seen Hartinger spin live.  – Joey B.

5: Jakzon’s latest remix goes deep. His take on Hopsin’s “I Need Help” turns it into a completely different song. The obvious remix of music isn’t even what separates this song from the original, it’s his warped take on the vocals. Jakzon always puts the right amount of bass in his house interruptation of this track to keep the basshead in me interested. Turn it up and get ready for it to get weird.

6: SHARPS & SCRVP’s new remix of ‘Sigil’ strays from the heavy Trap style you usually hear from Sharps which is a nice change-up in my opinion. The original is definitely hard to beat but this remix is more of the “party” version. -Brittanie

7: Foxtale will continue to get love on our Best Of NorthWest series because he’s committed to producing groovy Trance music. These days, most people in the dance music scene aren’t in it for the ‘feels’. People who truly appreciate Trance music will one day come to respect the efforts of Foxtale!

Also, check out his latest mix featuring a bunch of awesome deep house here :

8: BGeezy blew my mind the other night opening up for Sweater Beats and Kasbo. It was everything I wanted to hear and more. He instantly became a new favorite local DJ in my book. His mixes are fire! Go Listen! -Brittanie

9: AO – There aren’t many local Seattle DJs who get featured on a weekly radio show. The AO Show runs every Thursday at and features new tracks from the House, Electro, and Progressive House genres.

Check out this week’s edition from AO and be sure to give his Soundcloud a follow at:!

10: Breaux is arguably the ‘most-slept’ on producer/DJ out here in the the entire PNW. Residing in the Olympia area, Breaux has produced some of the dopest trap music that has come out of the region. He’s definitely worth a follow on Soundcloud! – Joey B

Editor’s Honorable Mention:

11: Seattle DJs, CHVSM and SHARPS, recently performed down in Portland for Aaron Jackson’s Birthday event at Euphoria Bassmnt. Since we weren’t able to make the trip south, CHVSM recorded his set and shot it over to us the next day. This $hiii is DOPE  and filled with some heavy bass drops and a clownin’ Soulja Boi sample. Def worth turning on if you’re gonna be in traffic for a good 45 minutes and need some bass to ease your frustrations. – Joey B.

Click here to listen: