Depending on where you go in the North West, you can find plenty of DJs spinning your favorite genres of dance music. I’ve come across tons of awesome artists when celebrating in downtown Seattle and over the years I’ve paid close attention to who performs at just about every major dance music event. Whether its nightlife or festival season, I make sure to check out the locals who get to open before bigger artists and I’m definitely a fanboy when it comes to the few friends I have who actively play at dope events.

This is the first grouping of artists for our new monthly ‘Best Of NorthWest’ series and I’m pumped to have RMR share even more dope music with you all.

The goal of this ‘Best Of North West’ series is to share the best music from artists found around the pacific north west. RMR believes in sharing what we consider to be, quality music, and we want to share it out to as many of our readers as possible.

For this series, there’s no particular order or ranking because we feel each track is special in its own way. We will consider all types of dance music and will compile a ten artist list each month featuring music that myself, Lauren Bergeson, and Brittanie Chambers will be reviewing. RMR has always been at the forefront of sharing new original music, recorded sets and mixes, as well as remixes from local artists.

Each of us are actively searching for new music all the time and we all attend various nightlife events and festivals going on across the region. We encourage you all to reach out  and please continue or start to share your music with us!

Best Of NorthWest (October)

1: Beauflexx – Live Set Opening For Gigantic 

“I’ve seen Beauflexx perform over 10 times since I met him in 2012 and each time I’m impressed with his ability to seamless blend different genres of music together. Over the last 5 years he’s been an opener for just about every major electronic artist that has come through Spokane and this year he’s finally playing at Freaknight 2015!

2: Iris – Eternal September Ft Collette Warren

“Iris is a Seattle local inspired by the sounds of UK house, trance, progressive, deep drum n bass and techno. This track is off a collaborated album with Quadrant and Kid Hop 206. I especially like this track because the vocals really enhance the ambient nature of music. Be prepared to want to listen to it again as this track left me wanting more.” – Lauren B.

3: Doozy- See you Again (Original Mix)

“The first original by Doozy. A very versatile DJ who never plays the same set twice! Doozy makes the trek from WSU back to the west side almost every month to play events for his friends and holds a residency at Q Nightclub on FWD Wednesday and Icon Fridays.” – Brittanie C.

4: Justin Hartinger -Fetch (Preview from his new EP)

“I re-posted this on my SoundCloud the moment it dropped. Now every time it comes on I’m like DAMN.. who is this and check my phone. I’m starting to lose sleep over when the rest of his EP will be released.”- Brittanie C.

5: Sharps x Justin Hartinger – Religion (Original Mix)

“The first original track from these guys is a melodic trap banger that has me praying for a b2b set here soon. Maybe Q Nightclub or Aston Manor could host a dope local artist showcase and these guys can showcase ‘Religion’?” – Joey B.

6: SixFour – Power Struggle (Original Mix)

“SixFour’s newest single and my second favorite after Horizons. This and his song Summer Fires are featured on SkankandBass new label series” -Brittanie C.

7. Treyis x Them Lost Boys- Hour Glass (Original Mix)

“Treyis flew down to LA to co-produce this song with Them Lost Boys. It was created in only 3 days time, hence the name Hour Glass. If you listen closely you can hear what sounds like ticks from a old grandfather clock in the drops. Treyis is a resident DJ at Foundation Nightclub. Catch him some weeks playing at Substance Wednesday!” – Brittanie C.

8. R7 – Close Your Eyes EP

“Recently unveiling a new re-branding, once Rubicon 7, R7’s new EP once again flaunts the musical talent of this PNW duo. The tracks are more than some dance track. The lyrics pull at your emotions and get you invested while the beat dares your body not to move along. This album is available exclussively on Beatport.” – Lauren B

9. Foxtale – Thinking About It (Remix)  

“This remix to Just Kiddin’ is one of the few trance songs that has particularly stood out since I’ve started to explore the genre on a deeper level. Foxtale hypnotized me with this fire track and a few mixes on his Soundcloud page are definitely worth checking out. I enjoyed the set he posted from his performance at Foundation Nightclub” – Joey B.

10. Instant Party! – Say My Name (Remix)

“I honestly haven’t listened to a ton of Odesza’s music and that makes this track all the more special. Now that I’ve been introduced via this trapped out remix, I’ll definitely jump at the next opportunity to see them live. The drums in this tracks are filthy and the drop slaps as per usual Instant Party! style.” – Joey B.

If you happen to be one of those artists who feels left out or a bit unnoticed here in the region. We suggest you refrain from badmouthing other artists, promotion companies, or even us, and instead focus on properly presenting yourself to potential fans everywhere.

We recommend you get in contact with one of our staff writers to potentially have your music featured on our website. Many of the artists featured on this list go out of their way to let us know about the shows they’re spinning at and they make sure we hear all of the music they’re releasing.

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