If you aren’t a student at Central Washington University, you might have never been to the real Ellensburg. Stuck in the middle between Seattle and Spokane, it’s a popular pit stop during festival season. If you stop in Ellensburg to eat, the easiest option is to just hit up all the fast food joints because they are closest to the highway. If you have some time and a little more cash to spend, the best places to eat are away from the freeway in the actual downtown area. To help everyone out, I’ve created a quick list of the best places to eat.

These Are The Best Places to Eat in Ellensburg, WA


The Boss Brazilian BBQ

A new spot in Ellensburg, but it quickly gained a good reputation, and for good reason. Everything is simple and delicious. Skewers of meat with sides or sandwiches is basically the entire menu. Whether you get the chicken, beef or lamb on a skewer or between a bun, you can’t go wrong.

The Best Places to Eat in EllensburgThe Palace

The opposite of Boss, The Palace’s menu is complicated and all over the place, but that’s its strength. You can satisfy any craving you have here, and the entire menu is quality. Their burgers are especially delicious.

Kabob House/CurbSide on 5th

Why do these places tie on the list? Because CurbSide on 5th is in the parking lot of Kabob House. CurbSide features a rotating menu and uses ingredients from local farmers. Their dishes have a gourmet feel.

Kabob House serves gyros and Mediterranean food. CurbSide has weird hours, so this place can get the job done, I recommend the chicken shawarma sandwich with a side of baklava for desert.

Pizza Colin

Delicious. Consistent. Locally owned. Pizza Collin is a late-night bastion for the last call crowd and is perfect for travelers in a hurry. They have slices ready to go, or you can grab a large pepperoni and two sodas for $10. 10 minutes and you’re back on the road.

The Best Places to Eat in Ellensburg