Capitol Hill Block Party ended over a week ago and I’m still recovering. Between the long nights and one too many shots of Tequila, my body was spent. I apologize for keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about my adventure!

Block Party Recap

Obligatory selfie while sipping on a fresh coconut

Friday at Cap Hill Block Party

Friday, day one, was the only day where I had all day at the festival. It also happened to be the lineup I was looking forward to most. Noname specifically was who I was excited for, and she didn’t disappoint. An emotional feeling of happiness and pride overcame me when she started chanting “Love bitches, get money.” I definitely regret not introducing myself to her when I had the chance.

Another MC who I admire is local favorite, Gifted GabHonestly she could have been on that main stage right next to Noname. Fuck it put her on right before Run the Jewels, she’s that talented. I always fight my way up to the front of the stage to support her. Check my live stream from her set that night on the RMR Facebook page.

Speaking of RTJ, holy shit snacks their set was POPPIN’. The crowd was so dense that Killer Mike and El P asked the entire crowd to take a step and a half back to make room so nobody got hurt. Not one’s to hesitate when the time is right, El P finally made his transition into being a spoken word poet. The crowd definitely obliged and applauded with snaps instead of screaming and clapping.

The duo stole my heart that night with the only quote I really needed for this entire recap.

“If you’re a man and you came here single and you see a woman you want to dance with, chances are she came here for the music and doesn’t want to feel your dick in her back” -El P

Block Party Recap

Marley Natural at Cap Hill Block Party

Jon and I were lucky enough to hit the Marley Natural VIP lounge midway through Friday. It was a fantastic place to pop into for a breath of fresh air. Set up as an urban oasis, the island vibes were felt through the plush grassy turf, palm trees, and hammocks. Zuri and Shacia Marley, both grand daughters to Bob, were DJing all three days. I got to briefly speak with the two about the brand, and what it meant to them.

Zuri admittedly doesn’t care to smoke, but finds value in whatever use suites your purpose. Personally, she uses the body care line as it’s all natural and has incredible benefits. The natural ingredients spill over into their smoking accessories too. Creating a beautiful aesthetic of black walnut wood mixed with clear glass.

The brand is a vibe, a lifestyle, from the cannabis to the lotion and everything in between. Marley Natural is for the healthy cannabis advocate who stays woke to its purposes past the feeling of being high.

Saturday & Sunday

I’m lumping together the weekend dates because well, they felt like one giant long day for me. Hustling my ass from work to the Block both days, I managed to only miss a couple of sets each day. As I bounced around all five stages I really took time to sit and observe. People watching is one of my favorite things in the world.

I witnessed a lot of couples getting nasty with the PDA. Too many drunks to count who were stumbling the streets, and even throwing up to the beat. Security tackling people trying to rush the gate on them. Someone hung out their apartment window wearing an eagle mask, and a different guy rocked a boom box on his head.

Both days came heavy with local acts who I love to see perform. I’m sad I missed out on All Star OperaCosmos, and Remember Face. But I did get to see Grynch, Kung Foo Grip, Tay Sean and The Bad Tenants. I can’t forget to mention the dope ass Possi party that popped off at Neumos, and all the artists that came through!

Block Party Recap

Photo by Ben Lindbloom

I ended Sunday night dancing in the middle of the street with my friends to Diplo’s set. I didn’t care that I had to wake up the next morning to go to work. I didn’t care that my hair was a mess, and I was drenched in sweat. I didn’t even care that people bumped into me and spilled all sorts of beer and liquor on me.

Honestly I’m still not a festival person, in fact the large crowds will still deter me from going to any other festival. BUT, I now know why people love CHBP. I had a blast and got to party in the streets of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle with a ton of my friends. And like the hokey pokey, that’s really what it’s all about.