Combining two things I enjoy, espresso and brownies, Zoots creates some of Washington’s best cannabis infused products. They are the creators of ZootBites. I have never been fond of edibles, but today I felt like giving them another shot. I purchased a package of 10mg Caramel Espresso ZootBites because they are also gluten free and these are easy to conceal from others..

Two brownies are individually packaged inside and they are vacuum sealed in individual trays to preserve the freshness. I could not taste any cannabis when I bit into the first brownie. Subtle hints of caramel and espresso graced my taste buds. The brownies had a soft texture and they did not taste old. Fresh brownies are a favorite of mine and these could have passed for them.

Edibles from the medical days were all different sorts of doses and it was hard to gage the amount of cannabis per serving. This would result in me getting higher than I wanted and at a quicker rate. Now, doses are easier to monitor and regulate. Each brownie contains 10MG of THC. The high from these Caramel Espresso Zootbites was mellow enough that I never felt overwhelmed. The caffeine provided a nice boost to help me accomplish my errands. Not having to deal with conceleaing smoke also made it easy for me to eat the edible and go about my day.

You can find ZootBites from Zoots at The Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA.


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