There has been quite a bit of spaced out “grunge rap” coming from Seattle that gives it a great sound to coincide with the tradition boom bap sound Seattle has built a name for. More known for snare cracking hip-hop, artist’s like Nacho Picasso and Key Nyata have opened the door for others to bring new music to the table. The heavily drug influenced grunge rap is usually over erie samples and a touch of southern bounce to the drum patterns.

In comes Caz Greez who brings a spaced out track/video for the song “Serotonin Drainin'” produced by frequent collaborator Khrist Koopa. The track is the second single from his debut solo album, MISFIT. The album features production from Koopa, Ryan Evans, and Mack Ned. Check out his debut below (and always download/purchase if your feeling it!)

Check out Caz’s latest video, Serotonin Drainin’ produced by Khrist Koopa.