It’s the end of the month, you’re strapped for cash and you’re looking for quality cannabis. You walk up to your shop’s counter and realize all the “economically” friendly weed is garbage. What do you do next? We suggest looking for the brand called Dutchy.

At many of their retailers, Dutchy is competitively priced at $10 a gram, but is superior compared to some companies that charge $15+ per gram. Quality weed doesn’t always have come in jars or “fancy” packaging and Dutchy’s is a brand we’re confident you’ll enjoy.Cheap Weed

Reviewing The ‘Chernobyl’ Strain from Dutchy

Chernobyl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and carries a lime sherbet smell. It’s known for long lasting cerebral and dreamy effects, and for keeping users energized and happy. This strain should wash away stress and anxiety while enhancing your energy. In a social setting, being attentive shouldn’t be overly difficult.

The packaged cannabis Dutchy offers ranges from small to big. All the buds are dense, bright lime green in color, little orange hairs and covered in sparkly tri-combs.

When the bag opens, a rush of lime and citrus undertones rushes into your sinuses. In the sunlight, the tri-combs shine brightly and reflects how green the flower really is.

Reviewing The 'Chernobyl' Weed Strain from Dutchy | Strain Review

 Chernobyl: Trainwreck + Jack The Ripper +Trinity

Cannabinoid Break Down

  • THC- 21.46%
  • CBD – 0.52%

Flavor Profile/ Smoking High Notes

Chernobyl has a smooth taste that resembles the scent. On the inhale, you will notice citrusy notes, but on the exhale the lime flavor really stands out. This quality weed is known for its high to last up to four hours.

The peak of the high was euphoric, energizing and I was constantly laughing over the smallest things. This strain is perfect for hanging out with the homies and can be argued that is was made for kicking back and having a good time. If you’re enjoying the Northwest outdoors, we suggest Dutchy’s Chernobyl.

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