Compared to Seattle, Tacoma has always struggled to support its local music or an active nightlife making it harder for an emcee to make big moves. Despite that, over the past couple of years, Clemm Rishad has made some of the biggest moves out of all of the Northwest earing him a very strong placement on the Freshest in the Northwest list at #5. The rapper has also been just as successful at home as well as abroad in showing that he can consistently sell out Tacoma venue, Jazzbones, which normally caters to rock music. His national buzz has been exploding as of recent due to the doors that were opened after he found a writing credit with his partner William Jordan as part of the Writer’s Block, on Nicki Minaj’s “Fly.”

This year, Clemm got the exclusive DJ Skee hosting look much like J. Pinder on his latest mixtape, Supaflyness, which has led to a national tour and the growing of respect for his lyrical prowess everywhere. Even, a veteran and respected lyricist like Kurupt, who was featured on Clemm’s mixtape has endorsed the rapper and shown his support by staying at a recent Jazzbones show after opening for him. As Swervewon explained, while he may not be as hip to his body of work, he knows who he is, which says a lot. The unanimous appeal for a rapper that has been overdue this type of recognition stopped Sol’s accent up the list to keep him at #6. Did Clemm Rishad make your top 5? Who do you think will be revealed tomorrow as #4? Join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FreshestintheNW

#5 – Clemm Rishad
#6 – Sol –
#7 – J. Pinder –
#8 – Xperience –
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