As we get older, memories from our youth find their way back into our lives. Sometimes a song, a movie or a book will bring out feelings that you thought died long ago.

I found myself stumbling upon many of those feelings while listening to Coach the band’s new EP. This band has an artillery of sound. Being a Seattle native as well as playing in the local scene, I can tell you these guys are onto something.

Coach The BandAfter only playing a handful of shows, Coach has just released an exciting, energetic 5 song EP.  Their melodic ambient rock vibe will remind you of Minus The Bear mixed with old Matchbook Romance rhythm.

This is one of those albums that any Seattleite can relate to. Each song paints a picture. They do a great job capturing that Explosions In The Sky feel using big ambient delay and clean power-driven vocals.
Coach the Band                                   From left to right : James Prow /Bass

                                                                    : EJ Grijalva / Guitar

                                                                    : Carl Fagerstrom / Drums

                                                                    : Jake Weholt / Guitar and Vocals

All of the Coach members originally come from different bands. They’ve brought together their creative talents to bring a new feel to the Seattle rock scene. It is truly a treat for the Seattle scene to have a band with this kind of experience come together. If you have time in your day for a feel good, upbeat EP I suggest you take a listen to Coach’s new EP.

My favorite song off the Ep is “Coach.”  Check it out here.