Coffee & cookies go together like malls and over-played Christmas music. See what pairings Respect My Region put together for the holiday season.

Chem Mint Cookies & Starbucks Holiday Blend

The Chem Mint Cookies strain taste like a lemon and mint tree is in your mouth. Pair that with the Holiday Blend from Starbucks. This sweet medium roast has hints of maple syrup, and really shines with a splash of & cookies

Find Chem Mint Cookies here and the Holiday Blend at your nearest Starbucks.

Biscotti & Espresso

Biscotti is a delicious cookies strain that will warm your soul. This strain is soft and buttery, perfect to balance out the bitter bite of the espresso.
coffee & cookies

Find Biscotti here and I recommend espresso from Caffe D’arte

Cookies ‘n Cream & Eggnog Latte

Cookies ‘n Cream is a mellow and earthy cookies strain. That’s perfect for the sweet uniqueness, and nutty spices of the eggnog.
coffee & cookies

Find Cookies ‘n Cream here and I recommend going to Anchorhead Coffee Company for an eggnog latte.

White Tahoe Cookies & White Chocolate Mocha

This combo is for all the sweets lovers. White chocolate mocha’s is sure to cure any sweet tooth’s craving and the White Tahoe Cookies strain is the whipped cream on top.

Find White Tahoe Cookies here and I recommend getting a white chocolate mocha from the Fremont Coffee Company.

Peppermint Cookies & Peppermint Mocha

This one was simple. Mint on mint crime and add some chocolate, that’s what I call a good time.

coffee & cookiesFind Peppermint Cookies here and I recommend getting a peppermint mocha from A Muddy Cup.






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