Mitch Pfeifer
Mitch Pfeifer is one of the co-owners of Respect My Region. He has been producing hip-hop music since the age of 14 under the production name "M-Pyre". A true entrepreneur at heart he got his start in business selling skateboards out of his trunk in high school. He graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Business and formed RMR in 2011 alongside Andy. His main roll for RMR is to promote and set up events, hip-hop blog, and manage customer relations. Follow him on Twitter: @MpyreP
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  • RAclothing

    Although I offer my spiritual support to all artists from Seattle, it’s nice to hear Dave B. (particular his DTRT song) because he’s a no-nonsense rapper and is more Nas than hipster. I’m sorry, but rapping about pho just isn’t going to cut it beyond being an inside joke. I’d put this guy forward to go up against other big cities’ rappers before anyone from Seattle aside from Khingz or RA Scion or Shabazz Palaces.

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