Dave B has been putting out a few visuals over the last few months in preparation for this EP. Been a fan of both the visuals he has already dropped DTRT, and Maple Fudge. Both of these tracks have a similar sound, which is what I anticipated to hear over the entire project and was honestly surprised on the first listen. Not saying these tracks are weak, or the rest of it was weak, but I anticipated an old 90s feel over the whole EP and instead got a taste of the diverse artist Dave B is on The Coffee. Dave really shows versatility within the short track list and changes the pace up on Andy Warhol/Monroe and Illectric. Illectric samples a very familiar MGMT track but in a way I haven’t heard yet (my favorite track upon first listening). Some of the other tracks feature the signature soul sampled sound we heard on the video releases but with some southern drum patterns behind them. This is one of the dopest releases our of the Northwest so far for 2013. We proudly present to you the whole EP for download.

“The Coffee EP by Dave B serves as the first official release from Dave since his come from behind win at the EMP SoundOff! Competition earlier this month in Seattle. After following visuals for well received tracks and visuals like ‘Maple Fudge’ & ‘DTRT’, The Coffee EP comes in full form for those already up and Dave as well as any still sleeping.

Put together as a sort of ‘wake up’ for fans and critics, The Coffee EP is a quick 7 track ‘PSA’ from Dave on his current position in hip-hop, the future he so eagerly awaits and the potential he believes he and his team possess for success in the coming months to years.”