In the clothing industry, every company including Disidual (unless you have a ton of money) starts out by doing screen printed tees. Usually, the average company moves up slowly to adding their own tags, hem tags, and things along those lines. But it seems to be everyones dream (including ours at RMR) to move up to what is known as cut-and-sew. Cut-and-sew is a big endeavor, it requires having an overall design concept, coming up with a pattern, picking out fabrics, getting a sample, making adjustments, and so on and so on. It’s a big process and its something that most companies don’t get the chance to do (for a few different reasons, but mainly price). But recently Disidual stepped out on a lim and decided to do a Kickstarter project to try and fund their very first cut-and-sew piece.

Disidual is another Northwest clothing company based out of the Bellingham area. They are looking to fund a Kickstarter project for “A Functional Fashionable™ fleece jacket that is ready to be taken on your next outdoor adventure.” It’s a cool idea, and one that we personally will be watching the progression of. Not many Northwest companies (I think Casual Industrees is the only one that has) have done cut-and-sew and it will be a fun process to watch. But we know this is a big endevour by them, so we wanted to show our support and let our customers know about what they are trying to do. Below you can watch a video explaining more about Disidual itself, and the products they are trying to raise funds for. You can also see their Kickstarter badge below to see their progression. We wish them great success, and hope they get the chance to take their company to the next level.