In the music scene, it is not uncommon to encounter the drug scene that D.A.R.E spent all of middle school warning us about. With the incredible rise of popularity in raves and EDM shows, drugs like MDMA, LSD, and ecstasy have all become more and more accessible.

Many of us have seen a lot of stories in the media about people OD-ing on hard drugs or mixing alcohol into the equation and creating a really dangerous situation. It’s not surprising that people are looking to different substances to enhance their experiences without engaging in illegal drug use. There have even been accounts of young people snorting cocoa powder into their nose to get high… WTF?

I’ve seen a couple new party drugs emerge that are similar in effect to hard drugs like MDMA or LSD. Some are advertised as safe and natural but do carry dangerous side effects.

We encourage you to take a moment to educate yourselves before partaking in something that you may think is safe. A few months ago, I noticed a company called Limitless Life advertising an organic, ‘all natural’ party drug intended to simulate MDMA or molly, called Katy. As this is an incredibly popular substance, I was very interested in learning more and took to the internet to do some research. I was skeptical that something all natural and safe could give you the same effects and after deeming it relatively safe, I decided to test it out.

Katy contains ingredients like Omniracetam BLU which is intended to improve memory, concentration, mood and motivation. It also contains N- Acetyl- Tyrosine which is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine; Theobromine to create an aphrodisiac affect, and theacrine which is a synthesized caffeine. This product is advertised as 98% organic and the ingredients are relatively harmless however it is not FDA approved just yet.

While Katy is supposed to simulate the effects of Molly or Ecstacy (and is by far a safer and healthier choice) it doesn’t quite give you the same roll. It made me chatty, social and alert but found myself having a lot of the negative side effects of MDMA. One example would be the ‘Molly sleeps’ and the pills definitely did not last as long as was advertised. Limitless Life does deem Katy as a safe substance to mix with alcohol and even though I opted not to, I still ended up getting sick that night and left me with an upset stomach.

Kratom is another ‘natural drug’ that has gained a large following in the rave community. It is a plant that grows in Asia and is similar to weed in that it can be found in a couple different strains. Kratom generally comes in a powder you typically would either brew into tea or mix into another liquid. The primary use of Kratom is for aid in recovering from opiate addiction however many use it recreationally for its energetic effect. Too big of a dose will make you hazy and is known to possibly even render you unconscious.

This drug may be more natural than comparative drugs such as LSD or heroin, but there is a long list of side effects and negative effects on your body including (but not limited to) digestive issues, slow heart rate, constipation, hemorrhoids, migraines, and insomnia. And despite this being advertised as ‘all natural’, Kratom comes with a large chance of becoming dependent. This drug is a gray area in the United States as it has been put on and taken off shelves at thousands of shops over the past few years.

Given the current climate with drug use and addiction, I believe that manufacturers have the best intentions in creating a safe and all natural stimulant. There has got to be a better way for young people to experiment with substances in a safe and legal way and this could be it! At the end of the day and after doing my research, however, I wouldn’t recommend taking any substance to heighten your experience. I think that going to raves sober is perfectly fine and more fun. You actually have control over your night and can REMEMBER most of the artists you see as well as the friends you make. I personally like to spark a joint or maybe take a cannabis infused edible before a show to give me that buzz I’m looking for.

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