1. First off, for those that don’t know you, who is Eighty4 Fly?

Eighty4 Fly is the newest addition to a beautiful seattle hip hop music scene & the coolest person you could ever meet in person unless I’m standing next to Iron Man… haha

2. You just dropped your new single Feel The Music, which is catchy as hell by the way, what project is that off and when can we expect a release?

Well that was actually a single release so chances are it won’t be on anything… but still has a chance to be on my full length album which i’ll be working on after this “#FlyWorld” mixtape coming out late Feb.

3. You shot Feel The Music with JonJon, along with your other music videos. Whats the relationship with him and how hands on are you with ideas and concepts?

Yeah i met JonJon (Jon Augustavo) when he was like one video in and he met me when i was one song in (“So Cool”) he shot my first video and I’ve been working with him ever since… we like family now so we really try to get each other on the next level at all times… for the most part he directs, produce’s, and shoot’s the video’s i leave his genius alone you know i throw ideas here and there but i like to let him do what he does.

4. Your one of the top names in the Northwest whose music stands out from a lot of “traditional” Seattle hip-hop music. How do you feel about the Northwest scene in general and do you think we have something to bring to the table nationally?

I think we have a lot more of an underground sound as a whole which equals out to some really dope music… but me personally i try to stay out of that lane for the simple fact that it was crowded when i started… like when i decided to start dropping music i looked at what close to nobody was doing and it was commercial (popular) music everyone was making either gangsta music or conscious music but nobody commercial so me being able to do all three i was like “shit let me stick out” and i DO.

5. Fly World is your camp, who is all down with that, label…family…team?

Well FlyWorld IS my team but not like my personal team… FlyWorld is bigger than me theres a FlyWorld in Utah one in San Francisco its all over the world… It all comes back to me being that I’m the original FlyGuy but theres FlyGuys and FlyGirls all over the world and they fuck with FlyWorld they claim it like its there own because it is… if your Fly, Dope, Trendy, shit even if your not but know your going to be one day your in FlyWorld… FlyWorld is the dream that we are all holding tight and when we accomplish our dreams you end up in FlyWorld.

6. Three artists you’ve have been bumping consistently as of late? (who’s in your cd player right now?)

Honestly my top played song right now is Yuna “Someone Out Of Town” after that The Temper Trap “Love Lost” or “Sweet Disposition” third most played would be beats produced by The Chemist @chemistisfuture or my guy A Dot @adothegod or Yorel… i don’t listen to much hip hop love it and all just don’t bump it too much i did just re-buy Bone Thugs “Creepin On Ah Come Up” though haha been on that for a little bit.

7. Name a musical influence outside of the hip-hop realm that inspires you and why?

I wish i had the wordly views of Empire of the Sun i wish i was as honest as Adele i wish i had Drake’s production team but with N.E.R.D. watching over I wish The Roots was my band & i wish MGMT would sit in on all my sessions… haha that guy would be dope!! lol

84. What do you want the people to know about Eighty4 Fly that they might not know?

That I’m still young in my craft i have only been putting music out for about 2 years now and I’m far from done and far from where i will end up… stay tuned in to what I’m doing because its going to be a exciting, amazing, & beautiful ride.

You can check Eighty4 Fly out at : @eighty4fly