Now that 2016 is coming to a close and tons of new music is scheduled for release in the new year, I am excited to share a quick list of mine and Rikki’s favorite tracks.

About half of the projects on this list features work from artists based here in the Pacific Northwest while the others feature artists doing it big on the national or international level.

I recommend kicking back and sparking up some of Western Cultured’s Seatown Lemon Haze before turning your speakers up. The next hour or so is going to be full of incredible music and we hope that you enjoy our list.

Happy holidays!

– Decent At Best Ft. Sean The Shaman ‘Sideways’ –

This song was featured back on our site in August & July and has been my #1 favorite Northwest-produced electronic song ever since. Traditionally you’ll hear me jamming out to banger trap music but not when it comes to these guys. I’ve been in love since Retroactive Stimulation and don’t think I’ll ever stop jamming out to whatever they release. – Joey B.

– Zomboy Remixes Bro Safari’s ‘Follow’ –

Nothing quite compares to meeting the artist whose music got you into the scene you’ve been in love with for five years. Interviewing Bro Safari at Paradiso 2016 and being on stage with him just days after the release of this track was one of the sickest experiences of my life and is why I had to pick this track as my #1 non-local release from the past year.

Needless to say this has serious sentimental value. – Joey B.

– Doozy & Asylum ‘ Genesis’ –

Doozy’s efforts as part of the Upper Left and Q Nightclub family continue to provide him with impressive opportunities as DJ. His efforts to become a legitimate producer have also increased and proof can be heard in his recent releases.

‘Genesis’ is just one example of how much his production abilities have improved over the past 365 days. – Joey B.

– Bassnectar LEViTATE & Macntaj ‘Level Up’ –

I couldn’t help but include another Paradiso 2016 throwback! I was in the pit for Bassnectar’s set when this song dropped and my ears perked up when I heard the homie’s voice booming throughout the Gorge Amphitheater.

Since Bassnectar released his album earlier that month, fans went especially hard plus, I doubt many people even knew that this track features two artists from Seattle. Major props to Seattle producer, LEViTATE, for his production efforts on the track and also to one of the illest rappers in the 206, Macntaj. – Joey B.

– Excision & Dion Timmer ‘Africa’ –

When it comes to bangers, nobody does it like Excision. I’ve heard this song at least a thousand times and every single time provides one hell of an experience.

This track was one of those songs that helped festival season 2016 properly fall into it’s rightful place in rave history. – JB

– Qreepz ‘Blood Oath’ –

When it comes to Seattle-based music producers, the RMR team feels Qreepz is one of the best. He’s been killing it in multiple genres and we’ve started to notice that we don’t just listen to one song produced by this guy, we listen to entire projects.

Qreepz is going to have a huge 2017 and we’re excited to share his progress! – Joey B.

 Cash Cash Releases ‘How to Love’ –

This is one of those songs that will hit you right in the feels. The first time I listened to the full version of this song I was driving home from work and literally had to pull over and sob uncontrollably for about ten minutes.

Since being released, ‘How To Love’ is another tune often heard in live EDM sets, and has been remixed by both Boombox Cartell and Arty. Both versions are sick. – Ingrid D.

 – Prismo Drops ‘Heathens’ –

I’ve been a huge fan of Houston’s Prismo since 2015 and haven’t shared much of his music through our site. His creations are a big reason why our site will be opening our music blog up to artists all over the country.

We hear Prismo is taking time away from Texas A&M to pursue music full time and can’t wait to begin sharing more of his slappers. – Joey B.

– Instant Party! Remixes Lana Del Rey’s Moondust –

Some days I wake up and turn on Instant Party! to get a little ratchet while others help me to chill out and relieve stress. This particular track gets weekly plays from me and is the one Lana Del Rey song you’ll ever find me jamming out to.

After hearing that Instant Party! was going to be no longer we are hopeful that he will reconsider and continue to release fire music. No matter what alias he releases content through, RMR will continue to support! – Joey B.

– Illenium x The Chainsmokers ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ –

We’re at the part of the list where I fell like I need to throw in a lovey-dovey track. Normally I would never include songs like these in my lists but I can’t deny that this song wasn’t a major reason for me not being single in July of 2016.

Shouts to Paradiso 2016 for creating memories I will never forget. To this day I still find myself humming along to this song. – Joey B.

– Sharps Remixes RL Grime’s ‘Core’ –

I’ve been supporting Sharps since 2014 and am proud to say that he has legitimately established himself as one of Seattle’s most recognized DJs. Every where I go people know this guy or they’ve heard his music on Soundcloud.

His production skills are really coming around and other major artists are starting to really pay attention. If you’re a fan of RL Grime’s ‘Core’, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this Sharps remix. – Joey B.

– Galantis & Hook N Sling ‘Love On Me’ –

This song will always remind me of Freaknight 2016 when my best friend Krista and I were upset that we weren’t as faded as we wanted to be. Then Galantis dropped this track during their set and we were literally doing high kicks the rest of the night.

There are only four lines in this song and yet it’s unbelievably catchy. It’s the kind of song you bump in your car on high volume with your squad. It’s the kind of song you play during pregame when you’re trying to perfect your winged eyeliner. You can’t listen to this song and not feel good. – Danielle M.

– LEViTATE ‘Terrible Things’ Ft. Macntaj –

When you get featured on the same list twice for two different projects you know you’re doing something right. LEViTATE has been setting himself apart from other producers here in Seattle for some time. His sound is incredibly unique and blends surprisingly well with one of Seattle’s best spitters, Macntaj.

Both individuals are two of the premier artists in their respective areas and we’re confident they’ll gain even more national attention in 2017. – Joey B.

– Graves ‘Lost Boys’ –

I’m not sure what you would call this genre. Trap? Chill trap? Melodic trap? Maybe it’s not even trap at all?

It doesn’t matter. Whatever genre this song is, “Lost Boys” hits you right in the feels. If you were to make a montage of the biggest moments in your life, this would be the song you’d set it to.

Big things are coming from Graves in 2017. – Danielle M.

– SixFour Releases ‘Panik’ –

When it comes to drum n bass I am definitely not the expert and often times I will stay away from bass-heavy artists who specialize in this area.

Since DnB is still a driving force in the bass-music community, I had to include my absolute favorite track from this genre. – Joey B.

– Flume ‘Smoke & Retribution’ (Ekali Remix) –

This is by far my most favorite remix of the year. Remixing an artist like Flume means you really have to bring it and I think Ekali really hit home with this one.

This was one of the most beautiful displays of negative space in electronic music from 2016. – Ramon J.

– Aaron Jackson ft. Megan Hamilton ‘Told You So’ –

2016 was a big year for ‘bass-house’ and Aaron Jackson really established himself as my go-to-guy. His style is edgy and he does a great job of blending vocals into his driving bass-lines.

What are your thoughts on this track? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @RespectMyRegion. – Joey B.

– Rezz ‘Purple Gusher’ –

After missing her performance at Paradiso 2016’s Digital Oasis stage, I was  on a serious mission to see her set at Foundation Nightclub. Rezz’s performance was probably the most visually impressive out of all of the nightclub sets I have ever seen and this song was the inspirational reminder I needed to continue pushing through some difficult obstacles.

Shouts to Rezz for being a beautiful person and inspiring so many people. I’m a sucker for artists like her! – Joey B.

– Porter Robinson & Madeon Release ‘Shelter’ –

Putting these two together is magic to my ears. When I saw Madeon at Paradiso 2016, I was really jamming out. Then for Porter at Bumbershoot 2016, I struggled to keep myself together. Hearing this song live at both of those festivals was breath taking.

This song always puts on a smile on my face and I can’t help but become happy while listening to it. It gives me shelter. – Rikki J.

– Galantis ‘Pillow Fight’ –

Galantis definitely made my year in 2016. These two have become my addiction after going on tour with them, getting to know them and because they’re just amazing. I thank them so much for changing my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to at least one of their songs. Even though we’re miles apart from each other, they are in my heart always, especially with their music.

This song recently came out but the first time I heard it, I had actual tears coming out of my eyes. To me, this is a perfect song to end 2016 with. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in 2017! – Rikki J.

— Yellow Claw “Love & War —

This might be Yellow Claw’s biggest track since “Till It Hurts.” The drop is so huge I don’t know whether I want to bang my head or do high kicks. Don’t suggest I do both because I’ve almost broken my face that way. But I suppose “all is fair in love and war.” – Danielle M.

 Ghastly Ft. Jauz ‘Ghosts & Sharks’

I remember being in the Pit at Paradiso 2016 and hearing Jauz say ‘this is a track I wrote with my friend Ghastly’ before he dropped it and I lost my mind.

This song has since been in almost every set I’ve seen live and still gives me that same rush. I made sure I was front and center for Ghastly at Freaknight 2016 and was not disappointed. – Ingrid D.

— Finding Hope – Let Go ft. Deverano —

This track was one of my favorites of the year. I was very familiar with the artists involved at first but I soon discovered musically and sonically they were starting to become my favorite new artists.

Finding hope tends to have a more sexy and seductive sound which is right up my alley.  – Ramon J.

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