With festival season already upon us, the pressure is on to create the most unique and wacky costumes. But what if you don’t have time for all that?

Let’s take some hints from these local party-goers with a few simple approaches to being fabulous that won’t break the bank or your back.

Neon Stripes

Grab horizontal, vertical, diagonal and every combination of stripes! The key to success is keeping it bright! Let’s get you blending in with the lasers!

Lifehack: Use body tape to keep thigh high socks up while you dance the night away!

“It was a warmer season show and the flyer was bright colors so i kind of wanted to match to that. I was borrowing my friend Kitty’s socks and had fluffies and a cat ear hat that i wanted to wear. Everything just matched perfect.” -Berica from Bothell, WA at Friskies 2015


Try finding a cool white or black costume element like wings, a tutu or spirit hood then building from there. Matching all black or all white is a lot easier than trying to match colors last minute. Add brightly colored shoes and accessories to make it pop!

Pro tip: If you are going to a busy festival get small wings that fit between your shoulders so they don’t get caught on every person that dances by.

“In Mexico we rave but they never wear outfits like here, so the day I wore my angels wings i was afraid about the idea of people looking at me weird.. but they didn’t! Actually everybody took pics with me even people for important magazines in Mexico! So I was happy I used my wings!”  -Xiomara G. from Lakewood, WA at WoW México 2014

The One Piece

Want a simple base to build from? Grab a monokini or leotard! Make it your own by adding accessories and embellishments!

Quick links: Pictured monokini | Plus Size Monokini Manikini | Morphsuit

“I bought some metal chain, attached spike charms and sewed it on to my suit. Which by the way was a task but I managed to get it figured out and was really proud of how it looked. I really like that outfit. And even though the chain/charms are sort of rusting now (sunscreen and lots of sweat will do that) I’d really like to wear it again. I sure do love that black and gold aesthetic!” -Katina Axel P. from Portland, OR at Paradiso 2014

The Kigu

For ultimate ease and comfort on cooler days and evenings the Kigurumi is where it’s at. A must have for festival nights or when you just have to be a unicorn!

Hot tip: Matching nail polish is an easy way to go from a Kigu to a Kig-ooh la la.

“Sometimes you just have to do trap unicorn things!” -Lanniecsa B. from Portland, OR at Bacon Ball 2016


Easily change the print of any shirt, pants or overalls to fit your mood. Weather you are sticking them to your face, your clothes or your friends! You can never have too many stickers.

Bonus points: Carry extra stickers to give people when they tell you how much they love yours or just to brighten their day!

“Cause smiley faces are my jam!” -Kitao A R. from Winter Park, CO at EDC 2016

Special thanks to these ladies for showing us that dressing to impress doesn’t have to be a struggle every time.

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