When I heard Figure was booked for FreakNight I screamed, I danced, I jumped up and down and did all the other necessary things to look like a crazy person at work.  From the day I first heard Figure I hoped I would be able to one day see him at FreakNight. His Terrorvision visuals and 4 years of Monster Volumes are proof that his passion for horror is unmatched by other artists. Whether it be pulling samples from his favorite horror movies or literally seeing his passion for horror in his tattoos, the entirety of Figure’s production goes together with FreakNight like screaming teenagers and chainsaws.

It’s clear why FreakNight is the perfect festival for a Figure performance but just in case you need some more convincing, here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss his set!

1) Monsters 6.66

It should be no surprise that Figure’s newest release is an ode to the Misfits coffin box set. A collection of 66 songs, 60 original and 6 new, this set is a digital rendition of Figure’s Monster set all hand picked by him. This hand selected process is sure to rejog Figure’s memory on some of his older tracks as well as hints towards a more carefully selected Halloween set. You can purchase this collection on iTunes etc or go to his site to upload the entire set for free via BitTorrent Inc. including some bonus material.


2) Figure’s New Album Gravity

This album is very different from the normal heavy sound we hear from Figure, this new album is a bit spacey. It’s easy to see that his taste is evolving and he’s ready to explore some new sounds. Playing with the more musical side of electronic music, Figure hopes the new album will help him break out of “the box I’ve made for myself”. I think this means his set will be new and fresh while maintaining that same monster sound we all know and love. Read more about his album here.

3) It’s Halloween

Figure is all about the scary and creepy. His monsters series is the official soundtrack of Universal Studios’ Hollywood Horror Nights theme park and there is no better night to experience Figure’s dark world of monsters than on Halloween. In Figure’s own words, “The heavy stuff and the creepy halloweeny has been an interest of mine for many years and have become the things I’m known for.”

Don’t be that person who missed Figure’s set at FreakNight 2015. Enter to win a pair of tickets on us here: a Rafflecopter giveaway