What was supposed to be a somber goodbye lunch out at Il Corvo Pasta turned into quite the party for my mouth. Located in the heart of Pioneer Square and only open for lunch, it is no surprise these homemade noodles consistently sell out.

Before you can get to the noodles and the rest of the homemade dishes, you get an Italian kitchen feel with a uniquely decorated restaurant. The dishes for the day are put on the chalk board right next to the etiquette for their restaurant and various pasta making machines line the walls along with recipes, old photographs and maps of Italy.

My friend and I ordered the Pappardelle, alla Bolognese. The noodles look like lasagna noodles that are cut in long strips and covering these noodles was the finest ground meat red sauce. I got too excited and ate before taking a picture however the amount of cheese on the noodles was indescribable. Overall it was an awesome experience and I will definitely be going back!

Make sure to check out their website for their daily specials!