Don’t miss your chance to see Nero at Freaknight 2015 courtesy of Respect My Region & USC Events!

Before this year’s Freaknight lineup was announced I was starting to think I’d never see the day that Nero returned to the Pacific North West. The Tacoma Dome isn’t my first choice for venues (because it’s so far from where I live) but at the end of the day there is no better festival I’d rather see them at than my favorite USC Events Festival, FreakNight.

Their music is impossible not to sing along to. It’s catchy, energetic and pretty much everything you could want in music. I have been waiting 3 long years to see them and I fear the fan girl may be too hard to contain. I’m confident their cinematic ambitions will be the best thing you hear all Halloween.

Staying true to their big, chunky blocks of synths and bass with their new album, it’s clear the trio is focused on providing a sound that really makes you feel something powerful. Their mix of driving, swinging basslines and smooth breakdowns pairs perfectly with a night full of freaks looking to get lost in the music.

What I’m most excited about is how their sound is evolving. To say their ‘Between II Words‘ album is different from their ‘Welcome to Reality‘ album is quite the understatement. The music taps into your emotion and the vocals take you for a ride. With such a diverse sound at their disposal this set is sure to be something we’ve never heard.

While my favorite track off the new album ‘The Thrill’ is no ‘Doomsday’, its a clear indicator of the fresh, new set that awaits us at Freaknight 2015.

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