In this day and age, women are constantly being pressured to prove themselves. If they desire to be more than anything society has typecasted them as, they better be ready for a tough battle, especially in the entertainment industry.

There are plenty of women out there ready to evolve and push forward despite setbacks created by popular record labels. You know, the labels who encourage the bookings of pretty faces with no talent and who love to work with promoters looking to make a quick buck on a “girls” night.

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It’s important that we encourage women to step up and learn the craft without babying them and sheltering them from the reality of the hard work that goes into being a DJ. Up and coming women need to know there is no difference between female DJs and male DJs.

There can’t be any handouts, shortcuts or hookups just because the guy booking the show thinks she’s hot. It’s important we help them find the right balance that shows other men and women they are just as capable as any man out there.

Recently I found a group of women in the Pacific Northwest that we think are doing it just right. The DnB Girls collective is a group of women promoting, DJing, producing and MCing Drum and Bass in North America. These women aren’t new to the struggles created by the differences in our genders. They’ve been marketed as woman DJs just as often as they haven’t.

“The more women that get into it and the more other women who are interested see us out there making moves the better. We’re all active in our respective scenes and try to promote other women in electronic music around the world as well,” said DnB Girls Iris.

There are multiple clubs out there that specifically ask for beautiful women to come play regardless of their talent and while we don’t want to knock them for promoting their brand, this tends to give fans the impression that women skate by on their looks. Pair this with women not being aggressive enough with their bookings and it’s no wonder promoters are such fans of “girls” night.

“I hope with some of the female DJs, I can give them hope. It’s such an amazing thing to see how much we evolved and need to make sure to keep on evolving. If you want something as a person, man or woman, go out there and get it!”-  Noelle Reifel.
Here at RMR, we challenge you to help women grow in the scene. We dare you to book them because they’re actually talented and can pull a crowd. We dare you to show them they are more than a pretty face. Help us break down the gender wall.
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