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A good friend of ours at RMR down in Los Angels, Stephen Grossman, is working on funding a documentary and picture book through this Kickstarter project called Homeless: Their Story. He is going to travel around the US to 23 major cities and document the day to day life and story behind some of America’s homeless people. The Bum Life will give insight to the stories and emotions behind the blankets and shopping carts that a lot of people tend to look past. Below is a small caption from the Kickstarter page that helps explain why he is doing this project:

As young children, we are taught that homeless people are the lowest of the low, the trash of society and what we aim NOT to be. But it seems that the general population is fascinated by them, we can never look away, instead we stare in disbelief and shock that they could live in such conditions, out on the streets, with nothing to their name.

We at RMR have decided to donate RMR beanies to one bum in each cities “Care Package.” Stephen will not only be documenting the journey both with a documentary, and a book. He will be following homeless people but providing each one with a gift bag full of useful household items such as toiletries, long socks, and RMR stocking caps. You can learn more about the project on his Facebook page, or on his Kickstarter page. We found Stephens idea creative and interesting so we wanted to donate and do what we could to do to help put a little positivity into the world, what do you think of the project?