More music from Illmaculate and OnlyOne who come through with the second visual off of their most recent album Chron: Legacy. This video is produced like a movie and the track goes hard. Be sure to check it out below and see what this great video has to offer.

Illmaculate and OnlyOne star are hired as hitmen competing with one another to kill the same targets. This is their new single Substance Abuse. The visuals by Artistic Outlet, play out like a short film, establishing the two Sandpeople emcees as hired guns receiving orders from the same boss. As bodies pile up, they begin to understand that something bigger is going on, which eventually pits them against each other and raises the question of who can be trusted.
All of this unfolds over a fiery track, from their collaborative album Chron: Legacy (co-starring OnlyOne). Substance Abuse is the second video from the album; the first was for the single Walk On Water, also directed by Artistic Outlet.

Download CHRON: Legacy here:

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