Legendary Seattle producer Jake One is back on Rhythm Roulette. Alongside his Tuxedo partner Mayer Hawthorne, the two take a crack at Mass Appeal’s sample flip challenge for Rhythm Roulette Tuxedo.

Rhythm Roulette is a video series in which producers make a beat using three records they pick blind folded. Having a funk/soul group was a big change up fro Rythm Roulette. We’ve seen other producers bring in other musicians but this was different. While Jake could have flipped these samples numerous ways, he chose to keep the record in true Tuxedo fashion.

At first, I wasn’t really feeling the record. As it progressed it came together beautifully it sounded real dope. I especially liked how Mayer’s vocal samples blended in. Jake One’s first appearance on Rhythm Roulette was one of the best yet.

Rhythm Roulette Tuxedo