Now that the 2016 election has come and gone, it is time to regather ourselves and work towards the best possible future. With so much negativity in the world it has been difficult to realize that one of the few positives that did come from the recent election was the legalization of cannabis in numerous states across the country.

Since there is still a huge stigma surrounding this new industry, we feel it is our duty to spread accurate information and support the full legalization movement. For us to accurately and effectively support the cannabis movement, we will continue to utilize valuable information from and plan on sharing as much of their educational content as possible.

For starters, I wanted to share the first episode from Leafly’s Seed to Sale: How Legal Cannabis is Grown. This video series features visits to five different gardens where Leafly’s team got an exclusive look at how professionals are growing some of the finest indoor cannabis in Washington, California, Oregon and Colorado.

Hope you guys enjoy!

In episode 1, Exotic Genetix was featured out of Tacoma, WA. These guys have won numerous awards for their strains and this video highlights some of their processes through which their legal cannabis is grown.

I found this first video to be incredibly interesting because they do a great job of showcasing just how much science and detail really goes into these grow operations. These operations sometimes have millions of dollars in cannabis product at risk so it is no surprise that they must follow strict protocols to make sure each plant doesn’t become infested with bugs, molds, or crop-killing diseases.

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