It has been a long time since a Northwest artist embodied the storms that lay within it. LEViTATE‘s most recent release, dare I say it, does exactly that.

Featuring NW greats such as RA Scion of Common Market and Taane Jr. & Macntaj of Slightly Fragrant, Mecca delivers a raw sound that tempts the ear and leaves the listener wanting more.  A necessary escape from the current political climate. Put your headphones in and I promise you will thank me later.

Hailing from Seattle, LEViTATE has been a rising star. His newest creation, Mecca, is nothing short of timeless. It’s first release was as a four-part EP series that led up to the full release on the 5th of November.

Mecca EPs 001-004 take you on a journey of temporal landscapes and multitudes of sound. With heavy bass melodies and episodic piano riffs, this release will induce emotions and tap into your nervous system. It leaves you both with feelings of energy, moments of clarity and seconds of helplessness. Ideally satisfying why many of us search for new music. It is clear after listening that great time was taken in constructing this work of art.

The intrinsic sound design and clean mixing and mastering comes together to construct massive soundscapes. Methodically placed features and interludes bring the complete experience of what a great album should ultimately sound like.

Make sure you check out LEViTATE’s newest album, Mecca available here or over on his Soundcloud.  You do not want to sleep on this release so if you are a listener looking for rainy day music, a DJ looking for music to play out at the club, or tracks to blast out while stuck in traffic, this release will have something great for you.

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LEViTATE releases MECCA Album