“If it aint dope than we don’t smoke…no…no” Lil Ripp dropped his new video Smoke yesterday by T&R Productions. Quality wise, I see Lil Ripp and T&R upgrading with almost everything they do. Not much to the video but Ripp and the MK crew sitting around blowing trees but Lil Ripp wasn’t born to bore you so def worth the watch/listen. Lil Ripp has the voice, talent, and image to really put on for the Northwest in a way that hasn’t been done as of yet. Dude is putting on for Tacoma and has his Tacoma merchandise for sale at

We have an exclusive studio dropping early in the new year that features some of the EATT crew and Lil Rip/Monee Klass so be on the look out for that!

You can find more on Ripp at @Lil_Ripp and on YouTube