Mike Champoux will be teaming up with Seattle director Zac McConnell ( for his new single’s video “Everything Is Fine.” This is an unreleased track off his upcoming project “The Application,” which will drop first quarter 2012. The video will be shot around Central Washington University where Champoux attended college. The concept of the video is “A real portrayal of our lifestyle, based around having fun and an average day in the life,” Champoux said. He is very excited to provide his fans with another visual and a window into the mentality that himself and those around him live.

This video will be shot on Thursday November 10th, and Friday November 11th. Respect My Region and crew will be involved with helping bring this visual to life and we are in need of extras!

We will need extras for the shoot on Thursday and Friday, and will release time/location via Mike Champoux and Respect My Region on Facebook in the next day or two. Locations will be on campus and a house party scene. Keep checking for updates!