The entire Respect My Region family gathered for JayPing’s birthday. Great people, music, delicious barbecued chicken, a full range of side dishes and cold beer made for a great BBQ and a beautiful setting, even with the wildfire smog hanging ominously overhead. It wouldn’t have been an RMR party without cannabis, some Happy Apple, and 4 strains of award-winning Millennium Extracts.

Made from Washington Apples and infused with Washington cannabis, Happy Apple’s infused ciders are arguably the best drinks on the weed market. They remind me of the Martinelli’s sparkling cider I used to drink during the holiday seasons of my childhood. For me, these drinks were a nostalgic taste with a cannabis boost. I would recommend these drinks for people who like edibles, but not cannabis’ distinct taste.

The other highlight of the night was our visit with Justyn Cruz, Head of Sales from Millennium Extracts. Cruz is new to the team but worked his way through Washington’s medical marijuana system. He was working in Pullman before he joined the Millennium team a few months ago.

“It’s been a pretty wild ride.” Cruz said.

Cruz brought four grams of Millennium’s best concentrates out: Narnia, Lodi Dodi, Super Silver Kush, and the Sour Gold terp sauce, which is a cross between Sour Diesel and Acapulco Gold. The first thing that stood out was the type of paper the saucy strains were on. Cruz said they pay about 2 cents more per square foot for PTFE paper, which is a higher grade non-slick material compared to parchment paper, or even glass, “you always lose a little,” Cruz said.

Each strain smoked great and had a unique flavor. Lodi Dodi stole the show as far as taste is concerned. It had a hazy lemony punch with its flavor. The Sour Gold was a potent experience that came with a high that grabbed you bye the face and doesn’t let go. It was wonderful.

Millennium Extracts Lineup

It’s these details that show Millennium’s growth over the last few years. Partnering with Soul Shine cannabis has helped upgrade their concentrates, but it doesn’t reflect on the price. Millennium’s most expensive gram is still only $40, with most of their strains at the $30 price point.

Cruz believes they will continue to grow and that will propel them into other recreational markets.

“Our game will translate into any state,” Cruz said.





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