We bring you fellow Northwest blogger Sermons Domain exclusive interview with Mistah F.A.B.. Mistah F.A.B. has been a guy that dominated the radio and party scene a couple years ago but has always also been able to really spit. A lot of commercial or “club artists” lack a lot of the skill and art of making dope hip-hop music but Mistah F.A.B. has always had both skill sets in his back pocket. It’s dope to see he’s showcasing that talent to the masses with his newer series “I Found My Backpack.” Check out the interview below to see quality content that Sermons Domain always gets in his interviews.

This is from a series on Sermons Domain called The Art Of Storytelling, and be on the lookout for more episodes soon!

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Be sure to check out Mistah F.A.B. on all the social media networks, and as always check out Sermons Domain. He’s one of the most consistent bloggers in the Northwest, and he covers all types of music! His blog should be a daily read for all you hip-hop heads!