A leak popped up on Whoo Kid’s website yesterday, Dr. Dre featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih. Is this a possible sign of Dr. Dre’s Detox finally coming to the public? There has been much speculation for the better part of the last decade that Detox will finally come out or that the project is ‘dead.’ We had the Dre and Snoop Dogg ‘Kush’ record released 5 years ago but nothing was ever followed up. We know the greatest hip-hop producer of all time will not be putting out a solo project unless it is a game changing record and maybe the pressure is the reason we haven’t seen anything.

Never the less, we have a new Dr. Dre featuring Kendrick Lamar track in 2015 and we should be happy

(sounds like Jay Rock wrote that verse for Dre).

Dr. Dre featuring Kendrick Lamar