Clicky recently hosted the 5th annual Nissan Fest at Evergreen Speedway where they provided car enthusiasts with one of the largest Nissan & Datsun spring meets in the Northwest.

This year they brought back the Car Show, Drift Competition and even added some other fun activities for us fans.

Check out this video More Skids shared and find him on Youtube and Instagram.

The car show is one of the classic elements for these kinds of events and this year’s NissanFest featured some beautiful vehicles. The event also included drifting RC cars, autox, and tandem drifting!

Check out some pics down below.

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The RC drift cars were really cool and it was amazing to see how well they could get them to drift. My favorite one was the cop car.

RC DriftThe autocross course also made for a really good show and gave fans the opportunity to enjoy the truly fast cars. Drivers tested their speed through cones, sharp turns and the tricky turn at the end.


We even got to see a Focus ST mishandle his speed and break right into a cement wall, thanks to that tricky turn at the end. Thankfully the driver was fine but the air bags did deploy!

The tandem drifting was hands down the coolest part of NissanFest. We got to see them in the warm-up rounds which ended up getting me more invested into watching as I saw each group get better with practice. (Pic or video? The above is a video of the practice)

oh canadaMy favorite group was an orange, lightening bolt covered and black S13s. The best group however were the Canadians with a grey Miata, Silvia, and an S14. (Picture? got one from the fb page)

Check out more pictures on the event page.