As the year comes to a close its only expected to look back and reminisce on all the things that you experienced throughout the past year. For me? I tend to look back and realize just how many artists and music events I have been a part of.

I can’t help but always find myself ranking them in order of my favorites. I am by no means a festival expert and there are plenty of festivals and artists out there that deserve to be on someone’s list of top sets BUT these are my favorites anyway.

These have been selected from Lucky, Paradiso, Safe in Sound and FreakNight.

Liquid Stranger – Lucky 2015

Liquid Stranger is hands down one of my favorite artists so it is no surprise he has made me list. However what really set him a part from the rest of the sets was the fact that he wanted fans to engage and tweet what songs they wanted to hear. Plus look at those lasers.

Zeds Dead – Lucky 2015

Every time I see Zeds Dead at a festival I find myself disappointed. Luckily, their set at Lucky was one of my favorite sets that I have seen by them so far. It was just the right amount of heavy and the crowd’s vibes were unreal. Check out the light show towards the end of the clip.

Koan Sound – Paradiso 2015

Koan Sound was the most unique set at Paradiso next to Snails. On top of their sound, they were probably more into their set than the crowd. In my opinion, if the artist is vibing and the music is good, the set is everything I could have hoped for.

Knife Party – Paradiso 2015

This was my first time seeing Knife Party and I feared my expectations would be too high. Boy was a I wrong! They played every song I wanted to hear and did a great job at incorporating their old and new stuff. Check out the light show in the left corner of this video.

Snails – Paradiso 2015

Snails set at Paradiso was so good that I went to see him in Portland the following weekend. Another set made by the vibes of the crowd, he did a great job of mixing in songs that cause you to instantly start singing to. This video is from his Portland show but this was my favorite drop of his Paradiso set.

Doctor P B2B Funtcase – Paradiso 2015

This was one of the heaviest sets of the year for me. There is just something about Doctor P and Funtcase that makes my back hurt instantly. I think its the heavy dubstep from Doctor P mixed with the dnb from Funtcase that always puts them at the top of my list.

Nero – Safe in Sound Denver 2015

This was my first time seeing Nero and I was very fortunate to see them again at FreakNight. That being said their Safe in Sound set in Denver was so much better even though they were pretty much the same. I did love how they combined Doomsday and Etude for one of the best “double drops” I have ever heard.

Zomboy – Safe in Sound Seattle 2015

If you can make my back hurt from headbanging before you’re even half way through your set you are automatically one of my top favorites, meet Zomboy. He does this to me every time and his Safe in Sound set was a true test to Seattle’s run for Bass Capital.

Bad Royale – FreakNight 2015

This was my favorite surprise set of the year even though I felt like there was too much going on up on the stage. Their hybrid trap was heavy enough to keep my ears happy and body moving. I also got to meet a few of the guys I was surrounded by and surprisingly they were pretty nice for bros.

Skism B2B LAXX – FreakNight 2015

I’ve been fan-girling pretty hard for SKiSM for the past year, basically ever since I saw him at Foundation. As the father of the “double drop” SKiSM alone knows how to throw down a good set so combined with LAXX’s trap, this was one for the books. Did I mention it was only their second B2B set ever?

Figure – FreakNight 2015

I am so happy that the flight gods let Figure show up to FreakNight even if it was for the last 40 minutes of the day. He threw down in those 40 minutes and his terrorvision visuals only enhanced the production. Plus he incorporated classic Halloween songs. My apologies for the sound quality, I was right in front of the speaker.

Dirtyphonics – FreakNight 2015

Dirtyphonics was another artist I saw twice in the same month yet unlike Nero, their set at FreakNight was way better. Before their set, they informed the crowd Seattle was one of the first US cities they toured. The energy they brought was enough to make this the best set of Day 2.

*disclaimer: I am a basshead