With Paradiso 2017 only a memory in our minds, it’s time we look back to one of the greatest weekends on spaceship earth. Like us, I’m sure you’re just as homesick. Thanks to USC Events, all of the wonderful artists, and incredible fans, this was probably the best Diso to date! Now that we’ve decompressed over the last few weeks, let’s take some time to go over our Paradiso 2017 recap and check out what people are saying about this year’s festival.

Paradiso 2017 Recap: What People Who Went Are Saying

“I think my three favorite acts were Joyryde, Quix, and Boombox Cartel. Out of all the acts I saw, I feel they were the most flawless. Hands down. I actually got the chance to do photos for Quix and Boombox Cartel, and they are so down to earth, all around great guys.” – Isaiah Campbell 


Yellow Claw at Paradiso 2017, courtesy of USC Events

“Day 1 was incredible. Starting off with Bijou was AWESOME. He absolutely slayed the Digital Oasis, which I love that it was switched with where Wreckage used to be. The day went on and the music just got better and better. By the time Gareth Emery came on at sunset, my friends and I were ready for night time. Gareth was an incredible roller coaster ride that took me on a beautiful journey through all the different styles of trance. Then Oliver Heldens. This was definitely in my top 3 sets of the weekend. Oliver’s style of house just had me dancing nonstop, and was incredible to see house music on the main stage of such an incredible festival. Seven Lions followed and as usual, his set was nothing short of incredible. The way that he jumped in between psytrance, dubstep, and his beautiful melodies was just jaw-dropping and beautiful. I didn’t see too much of Zeds Dead due to the fact that I wanted to get ready for my #1 of the weekend: Porter Robinson. By the time Porter was on I was at the bottom of the hill with my favorite friends. That set, just as last time I saw him was the most emotional and heart-wrenching performance set I’ve seen. The fact that we got Worlds at The Gorge was just perfect. I have never seen such a beautiful set in such a beautiful place. And I don’t think I have cried that much during a set before.

Day 2 was the day for house lovers. Billy Kenny, Chris Lake, Mija, all three threw INCREDIBLE sets. Then as the sun set, Lane 8 gave us a glimpse of what we have in store in September with Day 2 of ABGT 250 and it was incredible. When Fingerprint was dropped there wasn’t a soul that wasn’t dancing. As the sun set and GRiZ started playing people knew it was no ordinary GRiZ set. That set with the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen was probably one of the most magical sights and sounds I have witnessed. As the night went on the music just got better and better, but as Diso came to a close I could not leave but wondering if USC could really top this next year. This Diso was one for the books.” – Jonathan Littler

Porter Robinson, courtesy of Jackson Belanger

 “It was an unbelievable experience truly unlike any other, for it has opened my eyes, my soul, destroyed my ego, and welcomed my Gemini twin into my life. I can’t wait to return to the wonderful, spectacular playground that is Paradiso next year.”  – Laura DuBois

Courtesy of iRaveSmart

“Andy C’s set blew me away. So much fun to dance to! Same with Vini Vici. I just saw the end of Mija but I loved that she was dropping Drum and Bass in there. Really wish I would have seen more. GRiZ at sunset with the river in the background was completely stunning. I am forever changed from that set. It was also my first time seeing Porter and that hit my heart so hard man. So beautiful!”  – Ashley Johnson

Breathe Carolina, courtesy of Tariq Abdellatif

“The production at Paradiso this year blew last year out of the water. From the giant, vibrant screen on the main stage to the plane crashed themed wreckage stage to the elegant rainforest feeling at Digital Oasis, it truly felt that digital met nature. Highlight sets for me were the Wax Motif’s and Bijou’s house sets, Troyboi’s wonky bass set, and k?d’s surprisingly bass heavy set. Though these were my favorite sets, almost everybody I saw ended up putting out unbelievable sets. This year was definitely one to never forget.” – Ryan Diamond

Porter Robinson, courtesy of Jason Kness

“My favorite set from Paradiso had to be Tiësto! My best friend who I got into raving with when I was just 15 years old flew all the way up from Sacramento, California to dance the weekend away with me. Tiësto played many songs that sent my best friend and myself into a state of nostalgia. When Tiësto dropped Pressure my eyes flooded. It was at that moment that I realized how incredibly blessed I was to be living this incredible life with my best friend by my side, even though she is normally over 500 miles away from me. Dance music is my life, thanks to her. Paradiso was one of the best weekends of my life and I can’t wait to step foot into The Gorge next year!” – Brianna Boydstun

Courtesy of Colton Voegele

“Rabbit in the Moon gave the most incredible performance I’ve ever seen. Not only was the music great, but the entire set was a piece of performance art. Lane 8 at sunset was perfect. tyDi gave a really beautiful and loving performance. Gammer had every single person at the stage moving. Team Green had its most successful year yet in terms of participation from attendees.”  – Andrew McGinnis

BTSM, courtesy of Banana Cam Photo

“Paradiso was definitely amazing, favorite sets of the weekend were Bijou, Gareth Emery, Lane 8, SNBRN, and Billy Kenny. Rabbit in the Moon was one of the most diverse and creative sets I’ve ever seen, super trippy and weird but I loved every second of it! The addition of male dancers on the Digital Oasis stage was also pretty cool and creative. I loved that USC switched Digital Oasis and The Wreckage, definitely made it seem a lot roomier.” – Destinee Cone

Lasers during GRiZ, courtesy of Jade Gray

“Favorite set was Seven Lions, hands down, because he played a little bit of every genre and had the best visual production and transitions! I also loved Mija because I couldn’t stop dancing. SAYMYNAME was great because he’s never come to the northwest and is usually only signed to Insomniac shows. I loved that some artists were walking around taking photos with fans enjoying themselves. I noticed they added more features to diso like more rides, side attractions like the giant slide, VIP viewing sections for each stage, men in LED suits doing trampoline tricks, and multiple cool off shaded zones. This was my third year straight and I really appreciated all of the additional attractions and the stage switch between Oasis and Wreckage because Seattle is more full of bassheads so we needed more room for throwing elbows and head banging.” – Marcy Stephenson

Chasing the Golden Hour, courtesy of Jory Johnson

“Paradiso means paradise or heaven. An escape from the rest of the world. While for some its an excuse to party for me music presented in a way to make a magical experience has got to be the closest thing we have to heaven. A place where who you are, who you want to be, whats on the outside melt away. Everyone is in a different mindset of togetherness with the commonality of music and light bathing everyone who invites it into a trance of love on a scale that i dont see anywhere else. If that isn’t a part of heaven or paradise then what is? 

Favorite sets? I would first have to say Seven Lions. His depth of musicality and variety in genre make his show a journey not just by his music but the visuals that dance with the powerful sounds. Saymyname’s mixing style and distinct sound has a way of immediately putting my heart rate and adrenaline at peak levels. Mija with her flawless performance that made sitting still not an option proves her respect for house music that was evident in the energy of the crowd.” – Dylan Drew

The fabled Golden Hour, courtesy of USC Events

 “Dude when rabbit in the moon pulled a guy on stage and put a metal mask on him and started grinding away at it, the looks on everyone’s faces was just insane. The vibes were just weird and everyone was just dancing. Definitely the best set. Then finding everyone on the hill Friday night it was perfect, we all just found each other. Absolutely magical!” – Patrick John DiPrio

Courtesy of Mickey Valdez

“My favorite moments of the weekend were hanging out with my friends dancing into the sunset to incredible music. Stand out sets were tyDi, Rabbit In The Moon, Vini Vici, Lane 8, and Zomboy. The lighting team on the Digital Oasis stage were absolutely incredible and really elevated the experience. Overall, the entire weekend was a beautiful chance to reconnect and recharge with my loved ones while adventuring and finding new friends. I’m also thankful to USC Events for continuing to curate events that keep a little bit of familiarity that brings us all together while giving people the chance to explore new talent as well.” – Amanda Marie Porter  

Oliver Heldens, courtesy of Peac3Dog

 “I was extremely impressed by every. Single. Set! Besides a few scheduling conflicts and a nose bleed from the heat, I had a perfect Paradiso this year. The mainstage and Wreckage were very well produced and presented, I didn’t spend much time at the Digital Oasis but when I was there for Anna Lunoe’s set, again, I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite sets were probably Porter, Zomboy, Snails, Marshmello, GRiZ, Camo & Krooked and Zeds Dead. I really can’t put my finger on all time favorite moment.” – Stephen Cleese


Courtesy of Kelvin Wong

“This was my fifth Paradiso, and I have to say the lineup, the new location of Wreckage, and the overall organization of the event was much better than last year. Chris Lake absolutely rocked Digital Oasis, and Marshmello got the entire mainstage dancing! Paradiso will always be home for me, and I cannot wait for what surprises USC has for us for 2018.” – Alissa Salinas 

Courtesy of USC Events

“My Paradiso was fucking amazing! Favorite set was Porter Robinson because he put so much heart into his set. I think the EDM culture needs more heart, and treat music like art instead of ways to make money. That’s the vibe I wanna bring with my music. And as for all the people who went to the show to party their asses off, everyone was so amazing with such good vibes. And that The Gorge is the most beautiful perfect place to share an amazing weekend with amazing people.” – Blaze Austin

Courtesy of USC Events


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