After raging for Bassnectar at the end of day 1, I had a bit of a late start on Saturday and got into the festival around 4pm. I quickly learned that one of RMR’s go-to videographers, Brandon Hiza, would be covering Bear Grillz set, so I made my way over to the front of the Digital Oasis stage to get a little weird for Rezz.

A set that I believe was the best of the weekend.

Paradiso ❤️

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Later that day, Joey and I had a quick interview with Bro Safari who was returning to Paradiso for his second time. We will definitely share what we talked about in a separate article and feature some footage from that interview and his set!

Following up that interview was the trap lord, Hucci.

This was a nostalgic moment for me because 2 1/2 years ago, myself and a group of friends were all at my house talking about this up and coming star. One of those friends, Chadwick Makela, actually designs graphics and visuals for Hucci and was brought on stage for a beautiful photo opportunity.

Hucci & Chadwick At Paradiso 2016 | Photo By: 1Take StudiosHucci was possibly the most adorable artist I have ever met and his set was something I’ll remember forever. During his song “House Party” a bunch of us ladies were all asked to dance on stage where we apparently went a little too hard. Some time after hearing the first drop, his laptop went flying onto the ground. Hucci kept it chill though and continued to blow everyone’s mind with the remainder of his set.

Having had my fill of The Wreckage stage, I ran back over to Digital Oasis to catch the remainder of Destructo’s set. It was here that I really noticed how much warmer the temperature was for day 2. This being my 3rd Paradiso and probably my 11th time at the Gorge, I knew that the warm air was soon going to be replaced by gusts of cool wind. I decided to take a quick break and shuttled back to my campsite to get proper clothing for my squad and grab my totem. After missing Datsik’s epic performance on day 1, I made sure I wouldn’t miss Ephwurd’s set. Ephwurd At Digital Oasis | Photo By Turk Photos www.USCevents.comEphwurd at the Digital Oasis was definitely in my top 5 of the weekend along with Excisions back-breaking performance at Main Stage. Every time I went to relax or stretch, he would play one of his many bangers and I was instantly back up going crazy.

Main stage production was incredible this year and I even enjoyed the not-so-heavy-bass sets thanks to the beautiful visuals. According to Joey, The Chainsmokers were one of his favorite sets for that exact reason. The stage’s design was absolutely genius and improved as the night blacked out the background. This made for trippy visuals, gyrating lights, and massive amounts of energy from the crowd.

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I was also quite pleased not to see so many people who were completely zonked out of their minds AND no one had sex right next to me this year.

That is always a plus.

My group ended the night with Rusko b2b Caspa which was unreal. Those two guys looked like they were having some good old fun, drinking and dancing around their DJ platform. Rusko was one of the main artists that got me into dubstep and it has been years since I had seen him throw down. The PK speakers were barely able to handle what these guys were dropping and we have some dope footage that shows just how wild things got as we ended this year’s festival.

Photos By: Turk Photos & 1Take Studios