In 2017, it’s hard to attend a music event and not see everyone immersed in their phones. What’s even worse is that RMR has been on board this train ever since recording videos on cell-phones became a thing. Our team has been capturing every special moment, year in and year out, and now that live streaming is a normal viewing option for people, we’re 100% committed to sharing our Paradiso Music Festival experience.

This year we’ll be live-streaming as much of the festival as possible through the Respect My Region Instagram and Facebook. If you’re looking for performances by the artists, follow our Facebook for updates. Looking to see what the culture of Paradiso and who all from the community was in attendance, hang out on our Instagram and check our story. Personally, I can’t wait to share what the campground scene is really like each night. The Gorge will be transformed into a true paradise and we will be there to capture every second.

For more stories on Paradiso Music Festival check out some of our articles covering both this year and last year’s festival below. 

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We will do our best to feature as many artists as possible and encourage you guys to comment and share which performers you’d like us to include. For more information or to buy tickets, visit Paradiso 2017’s website.

For more updates on events like Paradiso Music Festival, follow Respect My Region on Facebook and Twitter.

For more updates on events like Paradiso, follow Respect My Region on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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