“Since the beginning of time ‘twas written in the stones that one day a(n event company)… would come. Well, that (event company)… has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies.” – Tenacious D

Alright, maybe Tenacious D didn’t quite say it like that, but I know a lot of people have looked for an event company to deliver even more than what the big guys can. A vibey atmosphere, beautiful people, a nice space to rage, and a dedication to the music instead of the artists is a show that seems hard to come by these days. Only a few local companies can provide that sort of experience. Lucky for us, one of these event companies, Safe Escape Events, is hosting a show this weekend at The Underground featuring top local artists!

HOUSE music PARTY will feature Foundation Nightclub favorite, Coltan Johnson, and Paradiso 2017 opener Faraday, plus they will be joined by BBecks and Shane Christian to kick off the festival season!

We sat down with one of the founders of Safe Escape Events, Dylan Drew, to discuss their vision for their unique brand of shows just starting to make waves in Seattle.

Respect My Region Interviews Safe Escape Events

RMR: How did Safe Escape Events begin?

Dylan: Three of us shared a vision to create experiences for people who love music and each other. Founded in 2016, Safe Escape Events (SEE) was formed so that everyone can connect through positive events. SEE is more than an acronym to us because we SEE a vision for the EDM experience that goes further than just electronic music. We strive to give our audience a lively escape from their daily routine in the safest way possible to create a welcoming environment so every person can express themselves however they like. Our vision is to provide a place that is a release from the rest of the life, so come escape with us, where we are the crowd and the crowd is SEE.

RMR: What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the Seattle dance music scene since you began raving and clubbing?

Dylan: The biggest change I have witnessed is the explosion of EDM into the mainstream theater. It is ever-evolving though—at a rate I don’t think the mainstream can keep up with—which makes us excited to see what new sounds and new sub-genres emerge.

RMR: Who are some artists that you one day hope to book for a SEE show?

Dylan: At SEE we have no cap on what artists we would like to book! We are excited for any artist that we get to book. Safe Escape is focused on supporting growth in the scene and cultivating the next generation of EDM music. Since we cater to all genres, the list of who we want is massive.

RMR: One day soon, do you anticipate branching out and throwing 18+ shows to attract the newest generation of PLUR kids?

Dylan: Of course! Its one of our biggest goals to pass on the awe and wonder on to the newest EDM lovers for the music and the community. We are open to suggestions from any ravers on what they would like to see and experience at shows.

RMR: What can we expect for the show this Saturday?

Dylan: This house event has had a lot of people working on it to make it a different kind of night. Access to limo for VIP, different kinds of bouncy house music, and giveaways. We cant wait to light up Seattle with one of EDM’s original styles!

HOUSE music PARTY is this Saturday, June 17th.

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