Sam Lachow starts this record off right and the beat is mad crazy. I’m not quite sure what Banana Goo Pie is (am I not a cool kid anymore?). But the production on this track is really good. This track is featuring Sky Blaow, J. Byrd, and Ryan Campbell.

This beat was produced by Wilson Luxurious and Sam Lachow and directed by Sam Lachow and Andrew Imanaka. It was actually shot by Andrew Imanaka and edited by Sam Lachow as well. This track was engineered by DSane (

Sam and Raz Simone will be going on an 11 City tour with Wax Tailor starting this Thursday January 24th in Denver, CO! Tickets available at

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Be sure to follow them all to stay up to date with all their music and this (Pretty large) tour they are going on. Good to see the up-and-coming Seattle artists getting some love!
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