Brand new track by Second Family produced by Tacoma’s DJ Phinisey called Family Means Everything and is set to appear on his brand new compilation being released later this year. Second Family can be found on twitter, on there Facebook page at Second Family First, or on on their YouTube channel Second Family First. You can also check out there website at, where they have some pretty good visuals, and links to all of their music. This is also the best place to contact them for booking. Below is a small bio about the duo from Tacoma, the rest can be found at their Facebook page.

After relentless years of bad record deals and faulty partnerships the duo known as Element & Noquezt decided to take their careers into their own hands. “Just like any other young talented artists starting out lots of people made promises to us…they sold us dreams and not knowing any better we believed them….after years of going nowhere we knew we had to control our own future” states Element.

Leading off the debut album is the Baked Beatz produced hit single “Bout A Swag” which features long time collaborator Jay Barz. The track is a proclamation to all artists who have no identity and follow trends to stay relevant. “We want to have are own aura as artists not worry about following a certain trend to further our fanbase…we would rather be innovators than followers” states Second Family.