The internet has been ablaze about the new Kendrick Lamar album, DAMN. The campaign started two weeks ago with the charged up music video to ‘HUMBLE.’ Now the internet is talking about a second Kendrick Lamar album coming this weekend.

Opinions and comparisons are pouring in. Some area hailing the return of the king, some are saying Joey Bada$$ did it better, and others are still on Drake’s More Life coattails (as I imagine the majority of “indie” artists will be on his sound for the next 6 months.

A new theory that started on Reddit has brought the idea that a second Kendrick Lamar album could be released this Easter weekend.

Sounwave has been either trolling Twitter or has provided insight to what TDE and company have planned. The above Tweet has sent fans down rabbit holes looking for answers. After revisiting lyrics on The Heart IV and looking into the album, Kendrick nation is thinking The Matrix may have an influence on the releases. DAMN. being the Red Pill and another album potentially titled NATION as the blue pill. Together they form DAMNNATION and also offer two different routes in life.

The “M” on DAMN.’s title fits on Kendrick’s head like devil horns. NATION could provide an “O” that wears similar to a halo. Future dropped two albums in one week this year and usually, other artists follow suit with creative release strategies. Kendrick and TDE are world class creators so I don’t doubt the possibility of mind-blowing album roll out.

The breakdown of the theory behind a second Kendrick Lamar album.

1) Sounwave puts up a pic of Morpheus and says “what if this isn’t the official album” – credit to u/TheEnemyofMyAnenome for this side bit – Kendrick says “My left stroke just went viral.” Morpheus holds the red pill in his left hand, the blue in his right. Now who is the baby being put in a spiral by the right stroke?

2) Kendrick and Sounwave have changed their Spotify profiles to blue bricks… DAMN has red bricks

3) Blue and Red imagery all over “Humble” vid + TED Talks colors are Blue/Red

4) Industry on ice packs, TOC = The Other Color on Heart Pt 4

5) DAMN. is red, first track is BLOOD

6) Dies on DAMN, resurrected on the blue pill album “what you hearing now is a paranormal vibe”.

7) Jesus died on Good Friday and rose on Easter and there is a heavy Christain influence within this album (and the Matrix for that matter).

Shout out YungPootieTang for the above analysis (and having such a trill Reddit username lol). He also caught this while listening to the album.

“BLOOD. begins with; ‘Is it wickedness?/ Is it weakness?/ you decide/ Are we gonna live or die?’ At the end of the album, it rewinds all the way back to Kendricks intro, and you can decide if you listen to the album where he lives. After Kendrick is shot on the album, it only says ‘Is it wickedness?’ in the bridge as if this is the ‘wicked’ album.” – Kendrick Lamar

Is Kendrick dropping Easter eggs for another album coming this weekend? Or is the internet just doing what the internet does and over exploring conspiracy theories? Regardless of your thoughts, I haven’t had this much fun looking into an album release ever in my life!